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Tuesday Tutorial

I am one of those people who decorates their home for every holiday and I especially love St. Patrick’s Day.  This week, I am showing you how to create a Snowdrop flower that you can use to make this Irish Woman Shadow box decoration.


Even though our Flower Market cartridge has a Snowdrop flower, it is not a three-dimensional one and I truly wanted one that would work for this shadow box.  I decided to search online and find a way to recreate one and have decided to share it with you for this week’s Tuesday Tutorial.

Design Space Instructions:
1. To create the stamen, insert image Holly – #MFAE002, then use CONTOUR to remove everything but the “fringe” cut-out.  Resize to .75″h. (These will be cut from Canary Cardstock.)
2. To create the inner petals, insert image Scalloped Border – #M418D1D, the resize to 1.5″w x .75″h. (You will need to unlock to resize.) Use CONTOUR to remove the scallop cutouts.
3. DUPLICATE the image and align the images so that the first “petal” overlaps the last “petal” of the previous border. WELD the  images together. (This will be cut from White Cardstock.)


4. To create the outer petals, insert image Rose – #MFAD8CB. DELETE all images except the two individual petals, then UNGROUP the remaining images.
5. DUPLICATE one of the petals so that you have three images. Resize each image to 1″w x 1.75″h. (This will be cut from White Cardstock.)
6. To create the stem and leaves, insert image Tulip Flower – #MD6FE40. DELETE all images except for the stem. Resize to desired height and width.

Assembly Instructions:
1. Using a Quilling Tool, roll the “Stamen” and adhere the end. If desired, paint with a Gold Shimmer Brush.
2. Using a sponge, ink the bottom edge with Willow Ink.  Roll the “Inner Petals” around the “Stamen”, adhering the ends.  Use a Quilling Tool to turn down the tips.

3. Using your finger, a Quilling Tool, or the rounded end of a Bone Folder, round the edges of the “Outer Petals”.  Adhere the base of each around the “Inner Petals”.
4. If desired, paint the petals with a Clear Shimmer Brush.

This is what the piece looked like before I placed it into the shadowbox frame. I added a few more leafs and some clover, printed the poem on vellum and the project was complete.  (Of course, after posting this, I realized that I forgot an “s” in one of the words.  I will be post another picture once I correct it. I even read over it THREE TIMES.)


I hope that you take the time to try to create a Snowdrop Flower for one of your projects.  Please feel free to post what you make using this tutorial on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to see what you create!!


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