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Sad News for Craft Room Users

This week, Cricut® announced the discontinuation of Cricut Craft Room™.   For those who own “pre-Explore” machines, this is extremely upsetting news.  According to the email I received, Craft Room™ was built on Adobe Flash technology, which is now considered an “outdated plug-in that created numerous vulnerabilities in the software”.  Since adobe has made the decision to discontinue Flash support, Cricut® had to make a difficult decision – they will be closing Cricut Craft Room™ July 15th, 2018. 

So what does this mean??
• Those who enjoy the “older” machines, can continue using the machine with the cartridges as you have done in the past.
• You will not be able to manipulate the images more that what your machine allows.
• You cannot access any other images than what you currently own on your cartridges
(Don’t forget that ProvoCraft announced they will no longer be making physical cartridges.)
• I will no longer be teaching Craft Room™ classes.

Don’t panic! Cricut is a company who has a desire to help you live your most creative life. So, to encourage you to stay with Cricut® they are offering you a savings of $100.00 on any Cricut Explore machines or bundles on the Cricut websiteBONUS OFFER: If you registered your original machine with Cricut, you should have received an additional offer for $75 off your purchase. This means that you could get a new Explore machine for under $100!!


How awesome is that!! Once you have purchased your machine, make sure to sign-up for one of my Cricut Design Space™ classes to help you learn more about Design Space™ and your new machine. I can’t wait to see what you create with your new machine!



* The links provided to the Cricut® website are through the ShareASale affiliate program and are posted as an endorsement. ShareASale compensates me a small portion of sales made through these advertisement links.


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