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Craft Room Labels

Cricut Design Space™ has an amazing feature called “Print Then Cut” which it is wonderful to use when making labels.  As I move into my new crafty space, my OCD brain is finding the need to make sure everything has a label. I am also one who wanted all of this stuff moved and organized yesterday, so my labels need to be quick, easy, and of course, cute. Today, I am going to give you a quick tutorial on how to use the Print Then Cut feature in Design Space™ to create some labels.


DESIGN SPACE INSTRUCTIONS: (Before you begin, Calibrate your Cricut® machine.)
1. Insert the label image you wish to use for your background. I chose Floral Label – #M4165FC from our Artistry Collection.
2. Design and Resize the Label as desired.
3. INSERT TEXT and type your description into the text box. Choose the FONT & RESIZE as needed onto the label.


4. If desired, insert any images you wish to use to decorate your label. I used a Dandelion Image from our Flower Market Collection. (The black lines around the image will disappear when turned into a print image.)
5. SELECT ALL and choose FLATTEN. If you look at the layers panel, your images have turned into a Print Image.
6. Choose MAKE IT. You will see a preview of the image with a rectangle outline added (cut sensor marking). Click CONTINUE.
7. Choose CONTINUE and choose SEND TO PRINTER.  Choose your Printer then choose Print. (The image bleed is a small border around each image that allows for more precise cutting. It is recommended to leave this on for best cut results, but you can turn the bleed off. The bleed may make the printed image look fuzzy or distorted, but this border will be trimmed off in the cutting process.)

8. After printing, place the paper onto the upper left corner of your mat making sure there are no wrinkles in the paper, then send through your Cricut® machine.

It’s this just AWESOME! I love that I could quickly make all the labels I needed for my embellishments and save the file for later use. (Make sure to save one image that is not Flattened to edit later.) If you have not used the Print Then Cut feature, I hope that you give it a try today. While you are at it, Shop and Save at this week’s Cricut Sale! Machines, Materials, Tools & More.  I can’t wait to see what you create!


* The links provided to the Cricut® website are through the ShareASale affiliate program and are posted as an endorsement. ShareASale compensates me a small portion of sales made through these advertisement links.

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